Sergio Paneque

Sergio Paneque

Infant mortality rate remains low in Cuba

The infant mortality rate in Cuba remained at 4.2 per thousand live births in 2014, the same level as in the previous year and the lowest in the country's history, a local health official said on Jan 3.

The figure puts Cuba among the nations with low infant mortality rate, said Dr. Roberto Alvarez Fumero, chief of the Infantile Maternal Program in the Cuban Public Health Ministry.

The local health system worked hard to reduce prematurity in pregnant women in 2014, and reduced the risk of premature birth, he was quoted as saying by the official daily Granma.

More efficient use of the beds in maternal homes and perfect obstetric care increased the survival of those newborns with less than 1,500 grams in weight.

This achievement should be attributed to Cuba's health system, which emphasized the diagnosis, handling and prevention of congenital defects and genetic illnesses, Alvarez said.

Congenital defects and genetic illnesses represented 21 percent of the total deaths in Cuba, he added.

Health and education systems are free and universal in Cuba, hailed as the main prides of Cuba's government.

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Italian club was inaugurated in Cayo Guillermo

The opening of the Italian club Eden Village in Cayo Guillermo creates a new avenue to increase tourist arrivals from the European nation to resort Jardines del Rey.

Located in areas of Gran Caribe Club Cayo Guillermo, the facility has 44 rooms in wooden cabins two levels which host weekly family groups promoted by the tour operator Eden Viaggi.

Victor Moreno, representative of Eden Viagge in Cuba, said the operation of the new club joined the inaugural flight Cayo Coco Milan- strengthen the operations of the Italian market on the island.

In 2002 the brand began operations of its first club in Cayo Largo del Sur last winter and opened another in Cayo Santa María, the latter with the Gaviota group said Moreno.

He noted that in termination phase is the Special Formula Eden Village in Cuatro Palmas Varadero hotel, which will coadministration between Accor and Gran Caribe hotel group.

He said that for the International Tourism Fair 2015 which will be based in Jardines del Rey and dedicated to the Italian market, hoping to bring a large number of travel agents in Italy and also propose the modality of Kite Surf.

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World Students to See the Real Cuba

The US Semester at Sea academic program is paying its second visit to Havana on Saturday since the trips resumed on December 2013 after nine years of absence as a result of travel restrictions imposed by the George W. Bush administration.

This time, 709 travelers came on board the MV Explorer Cruise Ship, including 624 students and 42 professors from different US universities as part of the program sponsored by the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville.

The visitors come from the universities of San Diego, Elon, Virginia, Colorado, Boulder, Bentley College, Oregon, Arizona, California, Santa Barbara and the Lutheran University of California.

Havana is the last leg of the program, which has visited 17 cities during a 106 day-trip that kicked off in London and will wind up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where the cruise ship is bound to depart for on December 3rd.

During their three-day stay here, Semester at Sea participants will meet with students and professors at the University of Havana, where they will attend lectures on the Cuban political system and the current update of the Cuban economic model; they will also visit Havana neighborhoods, where community projects are underway and attend cultural activities.

The agenda also includes visit to a school campus, a basketball match at the University of Havana and a visit to the local Botanical garden, along with tours of other provinces.

Cuba was included in the itinerary of Semester at Sea in 1999 with 10 visits taking place up to 2004. During seven of those visits to Havana the students met with Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro.

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Chile Wants To Strengthen Links With Cuba

Chilean Foreign Affairs Minister Heraldo Munoz evaluated the recent visit by Chilean entrepreneurs to Cuba as very positive, and expressed the intention of the Chilean government to strengthen the relations with the government and the people of Cuba, and also increase cooperation.

In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina Tuesday Munoz pointed out that everything which means to strengthen economic and bilateral links, is beneficial for the peoples of Chile and Cuba.

"I think this is clear. Chilean entrepreneurs are now seeing very interesting opportunities to invest in Cuba. The government will try to open doors and facilitate opportunities for business and cooperation, " he stated.

Munoz highlighted the Cuban solidarity with Haiti, when the cholera epidemic broke out, and the recent friendly ties and collaboration, when the Ebola virus affecting several African nations was reported to the rest of the world.

We would then like to make cooperation with Cuba, we are ready for it, said Munoz.

Chilean Government officials and representatives of more than 15 companies visited the Caribbean island this month to boost investment, trade and cooperation issues.

According to a note from the Chilean Foreign Ministry, the mission was headed by the head of the General Direction for International Economic Relations, Pablo Urria.

Also joined the executive director of the Agency for International Cooperation, Ricardo Herrera, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and senior union representatives from the private sector,

The request was made considering the exciting opportunities available for economic and trade, particularly for foreign investment between the two countries since the new guidelines of the economic and social policy of Cuba.

According to a note from the Chilean Foreign Ministry, the mission was led by director general of economic relations international, Pablo Urria.

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