Cuba without cases of coronavirus, health checks reinforced

There are no cases of coronavirus in Cuba and border health checks are reinforced, the National Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), Francisco Duran, reported here today.

No cases have been reported in our country and there are no suspicions and no people under any supervision, said the official.

After making a balance in a press conference of what happens with this disease originated in the province of Wuhan in China, the specialist explained that the island is stepping up checks at the different international borders: ports, airports and marinas.

There are protocols for health checks and adequate surveillance is maintained for all persons arriving in the country, as well as the general declaration of health of the ship at first, and the traveler's declaration of health.

He also recalled the indications of the World Health Organization (WHO), which for now does not declare the disease as a global health emergency. This could change and we have to be on the alert, he stressed.

At the same time, Cuba developed a plan to face a possible proliferation of the disease, which includes the participation of all organizations, he explained.

Originated in China, according to official sources, more than 2,000 people have been infected and 80 deaths have already been reported.

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Opposition threatens embassies of Venezuela and Cuba in Bolivia

The siege around the embassies of Venezuela and Cuba in La Paz by extreme opponents to the government of President Evo Morales was denounced on Sunday by those diplomatic missions.

Venezuelan Ambassador to Bolivia Crisbeylee Gonzalez warned about attacks on her embassy by opposition sectors.

'We are fine, but they occupied the embassy, they want to make a massacre with us. Please, I need this to be denounced,' the diplomat said.

Meanwhile, sources from the Cuban embassy charged that offensive and provoking signs had been posted on the mission's fence.

Recently, the Human Rights Committee of the House of Deputies of Bolivia 'strongly' condemned the harassment by opposition groups against the embassies of Cuba and Venezuela, as part of a plan against the government.

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Venezuela: Another Opposition Party Joins Dialogue with Gov't

Venezuelan Vice President Rodriguez said the installation of the National Dialogue Table generates "great satisfaction" for the Venezuelan people.

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez welcomed Pastor Javier Bertucci, representing the party Hope for Change, who will join the Agreement of National Dialogue, which was signed earlier this week in hope of solving the problems that caused the U.S. blockade against Venezuela.

"The only thing we expect from the United States is to recover the path of dialogue with the government of Nicolas Maduro, they have only one way, dialogue and peaceful negotiation," said the vice president, in statements to the press.

In a brief speech at the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry together with Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, Rodriguez slammed opposition groups that want Venezuela to go astray.

She reiterated that Venezuela does not want war. "That sector that today throws stones at the dialogue table is an isolated sector; the vast majority of Venezuelans and Venezuelans are happy with this initiative."

The vice president said the sector that integrates and supports the agreement between the opposition and the Government is the "majority".

She said the installation of the National Dialogue Table generates "great satisfaction" for the Venezuelan people.

Previously, the Hope for Change Movement joined the National Dialogue Table that was installed this Sept. 16 at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry between the government and the Venezuelan opposition.

Javier Bertucci signed the six agreements in the presence of representatives of the Bolivarian Revolution and delegates of the four right-wing political parties that are participating in the recent talks: MAS, Advanced Progress, Solutions, and Change.

"This table has as its main objective generating solutions in a short time, that allows us to verify the will of the government to articulate actions for the benefit of the population and that is an open invitation for all," Bertucci said in a statement to the media.

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Pope Francis warns against overcrowded prisons

Pope Francis warned this Saturday against overcrowded prisons, and advised that ensuring decent living conditions in prisons must be essential to prevent these places from turning into rage sites, rather than recovery places.

In an audience with members of the Penitentiary Police, the Penitentiary Administration and Juvenile Justice and the Community of Italy, the pontiff described the overcrowding in prisons as a serious problem, which 'increasingly triggers in every human being a sense of weakness if not of exhaustion.'

Francis also ruled against the penalty of life imprisonment for considering that 'it is not the solution to problems but a problem to solve' because 'if hope is locked in a jail, there is no future for society.

'Never deprive the right to start over', expressed the Pope, who reminded those present that with their work and service they are witnessing such right to hope and to start over.

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