CAF President Calls on Cuba to Strengthen Regional Integration

Featured CAF President Calls on Cuba to Strengthen Regional Integration

Enrique Garcia Rodriguez, executive president of CAF-Development Bank of Latin American, has called for strengthening regional integration in response to the realities facing the area.

Garcia Rodriguez gave yesterday a keynote speech entitled 'Latin America facing the new geopolitical, economic, social and global scenario,'at the Main Lecture hall of the Havana University.

A serious integration, without fragmentation, is needed to solve the problems of the people, and be consistent, he stressed.

The executive presented a vision of the region for the coming 40 years in which he emphasized the importance of achieving economic growth annually from five percent to six percent, if we want a convergence of income with those of developed countries and have results in poverty reduction.

The area exports raw materials without added value, their wages are very low and is very subject to the volatility of the markets, he also said.

Compared to Latin America with other emerging areas such as Asia, he stated that the country members of the latter region are experiencing very rapid progress.

The CAF-Development Bank of Latin American (formerly the Andean Development Community) is a regional multilateral financial institution, which comprises 19 countries, 17 of Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal.

Its mission is to promote sustainable development and regional integration, and reconcile objectives of macroeconomic stability, efficiency, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Previously and on a proposal of the Vice Rectorate for Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies, the Faculty of Economics and the Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy, the University Council granted Garcia Rodriguez the special teaching category of Guest Professor of the University of Havana, for his relevant career in the field of economic sciences.

Gustavo Cobreiro, principal of the University of Havana, gave Garcia Rodriguez the diploma, in the presence of students and professors of the higher education center, Vice-Rector Vilma Hidalgo, resident coordinator of the United Nations System in Cuba, Myrta Kaulard, and representatives of other international organizations.

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