Future of renewable energy in Cuba and the Caribbean to be discussed

Featured Future of renewable energy in Cuba and the Caribbean to be discussed

The future of renewable energy sources in Cuba and the Caribbean will be discussed in a very important meeting to be held in Havana, May 31-June 2.

The 9th International Conference on Renewable Energy, Energy Saving, and Energy Education (CIER 2017) will address the efficient usage of the renewable energy sources as well as other forms of using them, pointed out engineer Joel Morales Santos, chairman of the event organizing committee.

The goal is to achieve a higher percentage of energy in the electrical grid.

Hotel Habana Libre will welcome the delegations from several countries who confirmed their attendance to a meeting sponsored by the Study Center for Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER).

Morales Santos noted that this event is the proper environment to share experiences and create synergies to face the challenge of achieving a sustainable energetic development, and highlighted the motto of the event: the Caribbean towards with 100% of renewable energy sources.

Several international workshops dedicated to wind power, hydrogen as alternative oil, photovoltaic solar energy, and biomass are scheduled during the working days. Delegates will also reflect on management, efficiency, and energy saving.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / Cubasi Translation Staff

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