Tribute to Fidel Castro Concludes in Acapulco

Featured Tribute to Fidel Castro Concludes in Acapulco

The 1st International Seminar in Honor of Fidel Castro concluded here on Sunday after deepening and expanding the teachings of the philosophical thinking of the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

An exhibition of ten photos of the Cuban leader, taken by one of his sons, Alex Castro, was also held here, as well as an exhibition of books that opened on Friday, among other artistic and cultural events on Cuba.

During the closing session of the seminar, Mexican and Venezuelan representatives who admire Fidel and Hugo Chavez took the floor, as well as revolutionaries from Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Vietnam, among other countries.

The paper 'Fidel and Proletarian Internationalism', presented by Evertz Cárcamo, a member of Nicaragua's Sandinista National Liberation Front, was one of the most highly acclaimed studies at the seminar.

Cárcamo lauded Fidel's loyalty for his people, Latin America, the world revolutionary movement, his friends, comrades and family, and assured that the Nicaraguan Revolution is the daughter of the Cuban Revolution.

Guatemalan Guerrilla Commander César Montes recalled that thanks to Fidel, Cuba's statistics are not like Guatemala's.

As an example, he said that more than 12 million people, perhaps 17 million, live in poverty in Guatemala, every 60 seconds a minor migrates to the United States through the Mexican border and there is 100 percent of impunity, among other evils eradicated by Fidel in Cuba.

The great friend of Fidel's and the main Mexican facilitator of the Granma expedition, Antonio del Conde, 'El Cuate', noted that he decided to accompany Fidel always due to his faith, security and confidence to overcome adversities, his discipline and his loyalty to his men.

Fidel is a man of all times who we must never forget, said Rafael Arestegui, one of the organizers of the seminar.

He lauded Venezuela's decision to leave the Organization of American States (OAS) and noted that Fidel was wise when he pointed out that the continental body was a big colonial ministry at the service of Yankee imperialism.

Mexico was always and is at present a country close to Fidel Castro and the great Cuban revolutionaries Jose Marti, Julio Antonio Mella, Raúl Castro and many other Cubans, Arestegui stressed.

In another moment of the program, the secretary of culture of the state of Guerrero, Mauricio Leiva, said that the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution is still alive in Guerrero.

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