Mainstream Media Silence about Cuba

  • Written by Elio Delgado Legon
  • Published in Cuba
Featured Mainstream Media Silence about Cuba

The so-called Great Western Press, that is to say, the most influential in the United States and in other developed and not so developed capitalist countries, but revolve around these, regularly echo news and articles that offer an absolutely distorted and lying image of Cuban reality.

However, they remain silent when they could report about truly important issues from a journalist’s standpoint, which instead show a not so negative image of the island’s reality.

I’m going to give as an example the role that the Henry Reeve Contingent of doctors and other medical personnel which is specialized in providing relief in the wake of natural disasters and great epidemics and how this has been ignored in the Great Press.

Recently, a medical brigade from the above-mentioned contingent spent a month working in solidarity with the people in the Piura region, in Peru, which had suffered devastating floods where thousands of families lost their homes.

This brigade’s work has received the local population and authorities’ recognition, as they have provided 11,241 medical consultations as well as prevention and health promotion campaigns and epidemiology tasks, in line with the profile of the brigade and the existing conditions, because after the floods, stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, who transmit diseases such as dengue, Zika, chikungunya virus and yellow fever.

Patients have been seen at both health centers in the city and in camps with tents, where thousands affected by these floods are currently living. It has been a titanic size mission for this group of 23 Cuban health professionals and it continues to be so, but Western media have remained silent.

In an article published in Salon magazine, under the heading “It’s time to recognize Cuba for its global medical achievements” written by Stephen Bartlett, the following is stated:

“Many people will never hear about how, in late 2016, 38 medical professionals from the Cuban Henry Reeve Brigade returned home after two exhausting months of caring for the Haitian people. They were sent to provide support to Cuba’s permanent medical teams in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew…

“After the death of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, corporate media have been obsessed about representing Fidel as the brain behind a “dictatorship”. However, the death of this historic leader gives us the opportunity to celebrate the Cuban Revolution’s victories in its 56 years of existence, which many people all over the world are deeply grateful for and even owe their lives to.

“Reports from Haiti, Chernobyl, Western Africa and many other places, tell us about the extraordinary contributions Cuban medical internationalism has provided. In 2014, there were 50,000 Cuban doctors and nurses working in 60 different developing countries, according to an investigation carried out by Canadian writer John Kirk which he published in his book “Cuban medical internationalism has saved millions of lives.” However, this unprecedented solidarity is hardly covered by Western media.”

As you can see, this isn’t just my opinion. When it comes to insulting the Cuban Revolution and its leaders, all of the press’ power is used by the most conservative forces, but if news could offer a positive aspect to a country, which has been attacked and blocked for almost 60 years, the only thing we can hope for is complicit silence with these attackers.

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