Homage to Jose Marti in Eastern Cuban province 0

Featured Homage to Jose Marti in Eastern Cuban province 0

A representation of inhabitants of Jiguani, on behalf of the people of Cuba, will attend tomorrow in Dos Rios the ceremony dedicated to the 122nd anniversary of Jose Marti´s fall in combat, in that place in the province of Granma.

The commemoration will bring together young people, workers, farmers, women, combatants and 150 students of Granma, who from today until Friday dawn will carry out in Dos Rios the action titled Facing the Sun Camping with the Master.

They will also attend young people from Playitas de Cajobabo, the historic site in the province of Guantanamo where Marti and Maximo Gomez arrived at Cuba, after Marti organized the necessary war from abroad.

The eternal legacies of Marti and his best disciple Commander-in-Chief, Fidel Castro, will be recall this May 19 during the act to homage the national hero in Dos Rios.

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