Cuban Telecommunication Projects win International Prizes

Featured Cuban Telecommunication Projects win International Prizes

Four Cuban projects are the winners of the prizes of the World Information and Knowledge 2017 Summit event which shows the progress of the computerization in Cuba.

The digital edition of Juventud Rebelde news agency pointed out that it was about the Cuban Collaborative Encyclopedia (EcuRed) from the local Youth Computing and Electronic Club centers, the local Health webpage, including the Pachamama Game Jam 2016 Contest and the Cuban Cook multimedia of the Computing Sciences University and the Jesús Montané Oropesa University from Isla de la Juventud municipality.

As part of the voting process, the proposals are among the 90 ones chosen out of a total of 345 related successful ones from the telecommunication world that were nominated.

As a related recognition for the development of the Information Society, the five winning projects will be awarded for each of the 18 categories of the contest at the International Conferences center in Geneva on June 13 th.

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