Fidel Castro Receives Child that Collects his Pictures

Featured Fidel Castro Receives Child that Collects his Pictures

Marlon Mendez, an eight year-old Cuban child that has a large collection of photos of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, saw his dream come true after having a meeting with him.

The boy began this collection when he was three and always wanted to have a picture with Fidel Castro and be able to say hello to and have a conversation with him, the national television reported on Monday.

Mendez commented that after a television report on his singular collection and his interest in the history of the Revolution he received a telephone call inviting him to share moments with the revolutionary leader.

He said that he took to the meting his copy of the book La victoria estrategica, that Fidel signed it for him, and that they spoke about school and agriculture.

The television report highlighted that the pictures and posters of the Commander in Chief cover a wall of his bedroom, and that for the meeting the child wore a uniform similar to the one Fidel usually wore, made by his grandmother.

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