Fidel Castro Present in Regional Solidarity Event with Cubaoo

Featured Fidel Castro Present in Regional Solidarity Event with Cubaoo

With a homage to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz, the 2nd Central American Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba will conclude here, expressing its support to the Venezuelan government.

The legendary Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro has been an intrinsic part of this meeting, because of his legacy, his example of struggle against the US imperialism and for dignity, self-determination and integration of Latin America.

Since the opening march of the event up to the homage to Salvadorian revolutionary fighters Shafick Handal and Farabundo Martí, and Venezuelan Hugo Chavez, the image of Fidel Castro stands over the crowds.

Fernando González, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, inaugurated the theoretical meeting of the event with a paper on the reality, perspectives and challenges of his country.

In turn, the Cuban political expert Roberto Regalado discoursed upon the imperialist offensive in the region and the resistance of the peoples, emphatically in the case of Venezuela, which faces a historical voting for the Constituent on Sunday.

In fact, in the early-rising tribute to Chávez, concerning the 63rd anniversary of his birth, many assistants expressed support to the democratically elected government of Venezuela with posters saying 'The Constituent Goes'.

Concerning the meeting, the Salvadoran leader Sigfrido Reyes valued the role of the solidarity before the current regional challenges, but especially with Cuba and its 'brave people and fighter, with its revolutionary process'.

Cuba has always been a solidary nation with El Salvador, thousands of compatriots received medical treatment there, studied, improved their own health; Cuba is a brother country that has taken the way of its freedom and it is necessary to support it', he emphasized.

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