Legacy of Fidel Castro Highlighted in Cuba 91 Years after His Birth

Featured Legacy of Fidel Castro Highlighted in Cuba 91 Years after His Birth

The first vice president of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) Elio Gamez highlighted today the principles of solidarity of the Cuban Revolution''s historic leader Fidel Castro, on the occasion of celebrations to commemorate his 91st birthday anniversary.

In the tribute ceremony, held at the ICAP headquarters, Gamez said Fidel Castro does not only belong to the Cuban people, but also to History of Mankind, because his actions are examples to all nations in the world.

The president of the International People's Peace, Justice and Dignity Committee, Gisela Ramirez said it was a great honor to speak about Fidel few days before his 91st birthday anniversary (August 13), even when the shock for his physical death in November, 2016, still reigns.

Ramirez asserted that the Cuban Commander in Chief left as a political inheritance his sense and certainty of victory, essential aspects for revolutionary people in Latin America, especially in these times, when the right in the region is closing ranks.

Colombian citizen Duban Velez, member of the 24th Latin American and Caribbean Brigade for Voluntary Work and Solidarity with Cuba, praised the achievements of the Cuban Revolution under Fidel's leadership, and highlighted the need to take this example to the rest of the countries in the area.

This brigade, composed of 75 representatives for Brazil, Honduras, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Martinique, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, concluded its activities in Cuba with this ceremony, in memory of the well-known Cuban leader.

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