Premier thanks Cuba for honouring African heroes

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  • Published in Cuba
Featured Premier thanks Cuba for honouring African heroes

The Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa, has thanked the Cuban Government for recognising and valuing the huge contribution made by heroes, who liberated the African continent, including the Father of the Nation, Mwl Julius Nyerere, by constructing a memorial tower.

The tower has been built in Havana Capital's Playa Municipality in a special memorial area for the heroes, who took part in the liberation struggles of Africa.

Statutes include short explanations of their contributions in the struggle and the countries they came from.

In a press statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office, Mr Majaliwa toured the area on Friday where he placed a bouquet of flowers at the tower, which is comprises the statues of the heroes and was shown where Mwl Nyerere's statue would be erected.

While in the area, the prime minister expressed his gratitude to the Government of Cuba for recognising the African heroes with the memorial tower, saying the Government of Tanzania would continue cooperating with Cuba to ensure the statue of Mwl Nyerere was erected in its reserved area.

For his part, the Director of the Institute of the Cuban Cooperation with Friendly Countries, Mr Jose Prieto Cintado said the tower had been built with the aim of recognising the value and importance of the leaders.

Mr Cintado explained that his government values the huge contribution made by the heroes in the struggle for the liberation the African continent from colonial powers that is why they have decided to construct the memorial tower in Havana.

According to him, the Cuban people and those of other nations in and outside Africa had been visiting the memorial area and learning about the leaders' history, adding the area was also being used by researchers in historical issues.

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