Cuba Ratifies Flawless Record in Protecting Diplomats

Featured Cuba Ratifies Flawless Record in Protecting Diplomats

Cuba ratified today that it has a flawless record in protecting the integrity of diplomats accredited on the island.

Diplomatic sources  insisted that Cuba has never allowed or allowed its territory to be used for any action against foreign officials.

The position emerges in relation to alleged incidents that would have affected US diplomats in Havana after a meeting requested by Cuba between Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, held yesterday in that capital to address the issue.

Rodríguez insisted to Tillerson on the importance of not making rushed decisions, that are not based on the evidences.

The island's foreign ministry issued a statement after the meeting yesterday, in which he noticed the seriousness, speed and professionalism with which the Cuban authorities have taken up this issue.

"A priority investigation was initiated, at the highest level of the Cuban government, from the very moment they were reported  the facts and additional measures were taken to protect US diplomats and their families. This has been recognized by representatives of the specialized agencies of the US that have traveled to Cuba,¿he said.

The FM also set his country's position last week when he stepped into the high-level debate of the UN General Assembly.

Rodríguez then called for not politicizing the issue and the effective cooperation of the US authorities to clarify it.

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