Russian Senate Calls For Immediate End To US Blockade Of Cuba

Featured Russian Senate Calls For Immediate End To US Blockade Of Cuba

The Federation Council (Russian Senate) called today for the immediate end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba in a resolution passed by an overwhelming majority.

The resolution urges the States, the United Nations and its member countries, parliaments and international organizations, to echo the call for the lifting of the U.S. economic blockade lasting more than 50 years.

The resolution, presented by Sergey Kalashnikov, deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy and head of the cooperation group with the Cuban parliament, confirms the support given to a similar resolution passed in 2016.

'The U.S. blockade is a clear sign to the world of the United States' violation of international law, of disrespect for the States' sovereignty, regardless of whether it is a Republican or Democratic administration,' said the document.

The resolution said that the United States has long ignored the UN General Assembly resolutions against the blockade against Cuba, passed by an absolute majority, which isolates the United States from the rest of the international community.

The document indicates that the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba, as well as the implementation of other measures of rapprochement, did not mean that the blockade was suspended, as it remains unchanged.

'The blockade against Cuba was far from achieving its objectives of changing the social or State system in Cuba,' said the statement.

'The sanctions taken by the United States against sovereign nations, which represent a way of punishing them for their domestic and foreign policies, are illegal and inadmissible,' said the resolution.

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