Local elections get underway in Cuba

Featured Local elections get underway in Cuba

At 7 am Sunday, polling stations across Cuba´s 168 municipalities opened their doors. A message read on national radio and television called voters to participate in the election of 12 515 delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power.

“Cubans will write a new page of democracy in the history of the homeland, which has witnessed, term after term, the support of the people since the first elections held in the Revolution years in 1976, with massive turn outs and conscious and responsible vote”, said the message.

The communication recalled how the polls, first scheduled for October, had to be postponed in the aftermath of hurricane Irma, which left great destruction in several provinces of the island. It praised those people who worked in recovery efforts during the day, and on elections preparation during the evenings.

The message added that there are many reasons for Cubans to cast their vote in this general elections, but topping those is paying tribute to the legacy of Fidel Castro, one of the architects of Cuban democracy.

“For Cuba, the overwhelming majority of the people will attend the polls, as a demonstration of support for their political system and their willingness to keep it and perfect it, ”said the message.

According to the National Electoral Commission, some 8 million Cubans will be able to choose their delegates or councilors that will make up the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power.

Of some 27 220 nominees, 35% are women, and 19% are young people. Predominantly, candidates have high school and colleague degrees and they hail from production, service and administrative sectors although some of them also represent the non-state sector.

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