First electric bus in Cuba shows good results in its pilot phase

  • Written by Radio Cadena Agramonte
  • Published in Cuba
Featured First electric bus in Cuba shows good results in its pilot phase

After two months of operation of the electric bus E12, the first of its kind in Cuba, the general manager of the Company Provincial Transport of Havana, Juan Julian Knight, ensures that in its pilot phase shows good results.

With the terminal Palatine Hill, in the town of Cerro, the route 18 enjoys acceptance of the population, but it is to be expected that the completion of the feasibility studies, said the provincial delegates of Popular Power.

He explained that for the business system is very beneficial because it reduces the use of fuel, which contributes to the saving of energy carriers that the country needs.

Knight announced that it will also begin to work on the route 18 a hybrid bus - which uses diesel and electricity, due to the fact that this route has all of the features of the test protocol.

The tires of the E12 lack of internal chamber, which ensures that you can travel up to 30 km with a pneumatic tire.

The model features a mirror covered by a membrane electric warming, which prevents the effects of rain and resists high temperatures, in addition to cameras for the reverse gear of the vehicle and proximity sensors on the sides in order to avoid accidents.

Its doors have incorporated a sensory system that prevents them from closing if there is an object or person.

From 2005 and up to the date, Yutong has been exported to Cuba more than six thousand 880 vehicles, which has made it possible to modernize the fleet part of the country.

Last year this international group signed a cooperative agreement to improve the Cuban public transport, as well as the capacity of the island to manufacture buses.

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