Cuban Vice President Completes Agenda in Equatorial Guinea

Featured Cuban Vice President Completes Agenda in Equatorial Guinea

Cuban Vice President Mercedes Lopez completes today an agenda in Equatorial Guinea as part of an official visit, which will help strengthen the links of brotherhood between both countries.

According to a message released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba through the social network Twitter, Lopez arrived last night in Malabo, where she was received by the second deputy prime minister, Ángel Masie Mibuy.

According to the program, in addition to her meeting with the president of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Lopez will also meet with officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Gaudencio Mohaba; and the maximum person in charge of the Senate, Teresa Efua. During the 48-hours visit in Malabo, the vice president of the Council of State of Cuba will hold a meeting with the general secretary of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, Jerónimo Osa. The Cuban leader arrived in Equatorial Guinea from Cape Verde, the first stop on her international tour.

During her visit, she met with former President Pedro de Verona Rodrigues and Cuban aid workers who provide their services in that country.

In addition to Cape Verde and Equatorial Guinea, the Cuban vice president will visit Ghana and Seychelles.

Havana and Malabo established diplomatic relations in December 1972.

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