Cuban civil society forum will meet prior to the Summit of the Americas

  • Written by Radio Cadena Agramonte
  • Published in Cuba
Featured Cuban civil society forum will meet prior to the Summit of the Americas

The second forum of the Cuban civil society Thinking Americas to pass on Wednesday in this capital, with the aim of reaching consensus on positions and proposals for the 8th Summit of the Americas, to be held in Peru next month of April.

As reported in a press conference Fermin Quiñones Sánchez, president of the Cuban Association of the United Nations (ACNU), at the meeting, which will take place in the theater Lázaro Peña of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC), representatives of more than two thousand organizations, non-governmental associations, religious, scientific and fraternal.

Advancement that Cuban civil society and social actors have worked since last October in the preparation of the Forum, as a prelude to the 8th Summit.

This second forum will provide an opportunity to display a strong civil society, organized, and that responds to the interests of the Cuban people and the nation, he said.

He said it will be a space for the civil organizations and actors of the Island, along with international and regional organizations with representation in Cuba, to discuss the central axes of the Eighth Summit, from the legitimacy to represent the Cuban people, to bring positions agreed to this event, to be held in Lima, Peru.

On the central theme of the Summit: Democratic Governance in the face of corruption, with three main themes to address sustainable development, cooperation, among others, will be contributing ideas in the second Forum Thinking Americas.

The objective is to debate and reach agreements, with a view to the positions that are carried to Peru, said Quiñones Sánchez.

From the headquarters of the UNCA, the president said that Cuba is built-in to the coalition number 15 in the Civil Society Forum of the 8th Summit, which goes by the name "For a world respectful and inclusive process", and composed of 226 representatives from 19 countries of the region.

The second Cuban Forum coincides with the celebration in Lima of the Hemispheric Dialog that is part of the preparatory process and in the participation of representatives of the thematic coalitions 28 approved by the organizers.

The Havana meeting on Wednesday will show the diversity, representativeness and amplitude of the Cuban civil society and social actors covering all sectors of the economic, political, social, cultural, fraternal and religious at the same time make it clear the commitment to the building of a prosperous and sustainable socialism, reaffirmed Fermin Quiñones.

He noted that it is expected a rejection of the Cuban civil society to the exclusion of Venezuela of the 8th Summit of the Americas, and statements of solidarity with the Bolivarian people.

Also reported that it will be a space to denounce the political and media campaigns that take place against democratic and progressive governments of Latin America and the Caribbean and the attempts to isolate them from the regional overview.

The Cuban civil society has a lot to show on the axles of the Eighth Summit and participation in public policies to address issues such as corruption, he added.

Thinking about Americas, the national forum of Cuban civil society, will give continuity to a call made in 2015, prior to the Summit of the Americas in Panama, in which Cuba participated for the first time in this type of event.

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