Cuba Inspires Us, Said VP of the African Union Commission

Featured Cuba Inspires Us, Said VP of the African Union Commission

The example of Cuba is what inspires us, affirmed the vice-president of the African Union (AU) Commission, Kwesy Quartey, here today when opening the panel Africa in the 21st Century.

At the beginning of these sessions of the 27th International Conference of African and African-American Culture, with the presence of diplomats from the continent, the official drew an overview about the origins of the diaspora, which the organization considers the sixth region of Africa.

He indicated that this peremptory mobility in search of better horizons goes back to the times of slave trade that forced them to cross the Atlantic in a process that gave birth to the current globalized society.

He considered that this was an act committed by a few criminals and hence the reasons why there are so many African descents scattered around the world.

Quartey highlighted the role of Fidel Castro in the liberation struggles of those peoples and nations, with decisive chapters in the wars in Angola, with the decisive participation of Cuban troops, and in the subsequent emancipation of Mozambique, Namibia and in South Africa with the elimination of apartheid.

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