Cuban Consulate in US Hosted Travel Agencies Executives

Featured Cuban Consulate in US Hosted Travel Agencies Executives

The Cuban Consulate in the USA held a meeting with more than half a hundred executives of travel agencies and charter flight companies on the island''s migration policy.

According to a report on the Embassy's website, Consulate staff provided broad information on the new regulations passed as part of the updating process of Cuban migration policy, in particular on the paperwork associated with it.

The two sides talked over the needed quality to improve efficiency and reducing time, as well as on bettering Consulate services.

Cuba's Consulate continues functioning despite hardships created by the unilateral decision of the Trump Administration to reduce its staff from last October, the diplomatic report underscores.

Links between Cuba and the US have suffered a reversion since the two countries agreed in December, 2014, to start improving relations, due to Trump's imposing restrictions and a harsher line in January 2017.

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