Massive Participation of Cubans in May 1st Parade

Featured Massive Participation of Cubans in May 1st Parade

Hundred of thousands of Cubans came out very early today to participate in the popular parades in the International Day of Workers.

In a tour through several concentration points of this capital, Prensa Latina verified the presence of women, men, children and elders dressed with the colors of the national flag (red, blue and white), signs and banners.

'I woke up at 03:00 o'clock, local time, and here I am with my wife, my daughter and my grandsons', Manuel Díaz commented, a resident from Playa municipality and a 74 year-old pensioner.

On the other hand, the university student of the same territory Gabriela Rodríguez pointed out that many students from her class came to an agreement to go together to the Revolution Square José Martí that already had a large crowd at 06:00 o'clock.

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