Cuba: Debates on Cybernetic Vulnerability and Criminalistics

Featured Cuba: Debates on Cybernetic Vulnerability and Criminalistics

The reduction of cybernetic vulnerability and the method of forensic control and investigation will be on the table today during the second day of the 10th Symposium on Criminalistics Technique.

Other issues under discussion at the Havana Conference Center will be the new challenges in the crime scene and the forensic approach of the oral trauma by a projectile weapon.

The head of the Criminalistics Department at the Ministry of the Interior, Colonel Antonio Mesa, said during the opening ceremony that human resources is the greatest strength in this specialty in Cuba.

He pointed out that the countries with greatest economic possibilities stand out in the production and development of expert means and technologies, and their purchase is extremely expensive for poor nations, Mesa said.

This is something very complex for Cuba due to the restrictions of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States more than 50 years ago, the colonel said.

The world is currently experiencing a difficult situation, characterized by the complexity of criminal phenomena and increasingly transnational nature, he said. Such a scenario requires the forces that face it to have a better exchange, cohesion and attachment to the scientific-technical development, he emphasized.

The meeting, to which delegates from Peru, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Russia and the United States are attending, among others, will conclude on Thursday, September 20.

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