Cuban Nature Center Attracts European Travelers

Featured Cuban Nature Center Attracts European Travelers

Many European travelers now choose Soroa as one of their favorite places, a nature tourism destination that has a variety of charms, including an orchidarium.

The attractive Cuban resort of Soroa in western Cuba receives visitors from many parts of the world, but the old continent stands out, unmatched by the possibilities of hiking around it.

Executives and guides of this recreation center commented by telephone that this is a place with a lot of color, appreciated by most of those who stay here and travel their routes.

A report from the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) appropriately recalls that this place is known as the Rainbow of Cuba due to its color and natural impact.

After the scourge of hurricanes in previous years, we can see a recovery of local vegetation, bordering the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve.

The rapid reaction in recovery work has allowed the main areas of Soroa to be rescued.

Belonging to the Cubanacan Horizons chain, the center of 107 workers has an extra-hotel part with famous options such as the waterfall and the orchid.

This latter is a real beauty which is constantly working to keep the brightness of its species . Soroa also includes two bars, a restaurant and three houses for tourism, located in a peculiarly attractive intramontane environment. They also offer nature trails.

Meanwhile, the hotels, equipped with 49 bungalows, swimming pool, bar and restaurant, are a place to have a wonderful time, especially very intimate and characterized by the quietness of the vegetation.

Soroa is mainly visited by guests from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Holland, motivated to appreciate one of the largest orchid gardens in Latin America, and more than 100 species of birds among residents, endemic and migratory, observed here.

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