Las Tunas Fosters Production of Wax for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Featured Las Tunas Fosters Production of Wax for the Pharmaceutical Industry

This industry of sugarcane derivatives, which have remained paralyzed for more than 20 years, was rescued in 2016 at a cost of more than three million pesos, and since then it has been operating with a limited capacity, due to the lack of raw material.

The crude wax contributed by mills from other provinces has made it possible for the plant to work, but without exploiting its technological possibilities, explained to the Cuban News Agency Víctor Torres, director of the "Majibacoa."

The official said that by 2019 it is planned to process 35 tons; but when the projected crude wax plant is ready, it will almost triple that figure. This will fulfill the commitment to process the necessary volumes with quality, for delivery to the pharmaceutical industry.

Other derivatives manufactured in this sugar factory, one of the youngest in the country, opened 32 years ago, are honey, urea, bagasse, ice, wine and multinutritional blocks for animal feed; as well as a bagasse baler that serve raw material to the board factory located in the municipality of Jesús Menéndez.

Torres stressed that the Azcuba Sugar Group plans to build in Majibacoa a bioelectric plant, conceived in the national program to promote renewable energy.

Las Tunas is considered one of the provinces with the largest number of sugarcane derivatives, mainly due to the diversity of products processed in the Antonio Guiteras Colossus, a high-alcohol, rum, sacharine and torula yeast manufacturer.

The "Amancio Rodríguez" also stands out for having a distillery to process high quality alcohols, and the manufacture of rums.

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