Psychiatry Congress Concludes in Cuba

Featured Psychiatry Congress Concludes in Cuba

The 9th Congress of Psychiatry, PsiqCuba 2019, concludes here on Friday after three days of sessions with the presence of over 300 delegates from the Americas, Europe and Australia.

According to the program, delegates from several nations are debating in the morning session: Depression, Disorders and Suicide; Technology and Mental Health; Addictions and Integration of Service Networks.

For the afternoon, there are two presentations scheduled: Being kind is only a virtue or a human need? and Mental Health: intra- and cross- sectional responsibility.

During the closing ceremony, in addition to the rapporteur of the Congress, the call of the 10th Cuban Congress of Psychiatry will be presented.

Along with PsiqCuba 2019, the 7th Pan American Congress of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, the 2nd Latin American Symposium of the World Association of Dual Pathology and the 2nd International Congress of Psychotherapy were held for the past three days.

According to the president of the organizing committee, Miriam de la Osa, the 21st century offers us new challenges in the field of Psychiatry.

Many changes are taking place in health-care systems and the field of research and our specialty still has a long way to go at a time of (...) necessary adjustments with the intention of working for human improvement, he added.

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