Business Fair, Productive Link Articulating the Cuban Economy

Featured Business Fair, Productive Link Articulating the Cuban Economy

The VI Business Fair, which will start next Monday in this capital, is an ideal scenario to expand productive links and articulations in the national economy, the Government said today.

On his Twitter account, the first deputy minister of Economy and Planning of Cuba, René Hernández, stressed that the preparations for the event are progressing with the contribution of entities, cooperatives and self-employed workers.

To be open from May 20 to 31, the fair will be displayed on the Expocuba fairgrounds.

That deputy minister highlighted in the social network that 'the event constitutes a favorable space for the exchange between all the economic actors of Cuban society'.

Recently, Hernandez stressed that the meeting seeks to strengthen business contacts and improve the Cuban socialist economic model.

In addition, it aims to facilitate the elaboration of the 2020 plan of the economy, which seeks to increase investments and exports, as well as to have first-hand knowledge of available capacities and market demands.

All this will allow a more accurate estimate of the demand for financial and material resources.

According to the organizers, last year's fair was attended by 16 non-agricultural production cooperatives and 440 companies, of the more than 1,600 that exist in this nation.

Expocuba currently has 12 thousand 500 square meters and this Business Fair is the second most important meeting of those held in those grounds, after the International Fair of Havana (Fihav) that takes place every November.

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