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Chile Wants To Strengthen Links With Cuba

Featured Chile Wants To Strengthen Links With Cuba

Chilean Foreign Affairs Minister Heraldo Munoz evaluated the recent visit by Chilean entrepreneurs to Cuba as very positive, and expressed the intention of the Chilean government to strengthen the relations with the government and the people of Cuba, and also increase cooperation.

In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina Tuesday Munoz pointed out that everything which means to strengthen economic and bilateral links, is beneficial for the peoples of Chile and Cuba.

"I think this is clear. Chilean entrepreneurs are now seeing very interesting opportunities to invest in Cuba. The government will try to open doors and facilitate opportunities for business and cooperation, " he stated.

Munoz highlighted the Cuban solidarity with Haiti, when the cholera epidemic broke out, and the recent friendly ties and collaboration, when the Ebola virus affecting several African nations was reported to the rest of the world.

We would then like to make cooperation with Cuba, we are ready for it, said Munoz.

Chilean Government officials and representatives of more than 15 companies visited the Caribbean island this month to boost investment, trade and cooperation issues.

According to a note from the Chilean Foreign Ministry, the mission was headed by the head of the General Direction for International Economic Relations, Pablo Urria.

Also joined the executive director of the Agency for International Cooperation, Ricardo Herrera, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and senior union representatives from the private sector,

The request was made considering the exciting opportunities available for economic and trade, particularly for foreign investment between the two countries since the new guidelines of the economic and social policy of Cuba.

According to a note from the Chilean Foreign Ministry, the mission was led by director general of economic relations international, Pablo Urria.

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