Cuban President sends congratulations to Women Federation

Featured Cuban President sends congratulations to Women Federation

Cuban President Raul Castro sent warm congratulations to the Cuban Women´s Federation on its 55 anniversary, an organization set up on August 23rd 1960 by Fidel Castro and Vilma Espin.

Espin headed the women´s organization during the past 50 years and she was a pioneer of the defense of women´s rights. Vilma is warmly recalled by all Cubans, both as a rebel combatant and as the leader of the women´s federation.

Federation general secretary Teresa Amarelle read Raul´s message during a national meeting at the monument of Rosa Castellanos, known as La Bayamesa, a nurse, combatant and captain of the liberation army that fought the Spanish colonizers.

Referring to the Cuban women participation in society, Olga Lidia Tapia, member of the Secretariat of the Cuban Communist Party said that women make up 48 percent of all employees in the state sector, 66 percent of all technicians and professionals and 53 percent of all workers in the scientific area.

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