Cuban experts travel to Argentinean Congress

Featured Cuban experts travel to Argentinean Congress

A delegation of Cuban professionals will go to Argentina next Tuesday to participate in the 22nd Congress of the Latin American Society of Weeds (ALAM by its Spanish acronym) and the 1st Argentinean Weed Congress (ASACIM).

The group consists of technicians and specialists of the Cuban Research Institute of Sugarcane Derivatives and the Sugarcane Research, Eduardo Martinez Lamadrid, president of the Association of Cuban Sugar Technicians (ATAC), told ACN.

He said the sessions of both meetings will be on September 9 and 10 and the Cuban delegates will present 11 papers, mainly on bioecology, management and chemical control of weeds.

He added that the discussions will be in the Palais Rouge in the city of Buenos Aires, where they will coordinate the signing of technical cooperation agreements with counterpart associations, institutes and companies.

Cuba served in 1990 and 2005 as the seat for the ALAM Congress and it is projected to host the 23rd in 2017, according to Martinez Lamadrid.

A mission of the ATAC intervened last August in the 37th Convention and Exhibition of the Association of Sugar Technicians of Mexico (ATAM).

Both groups signed twinning agreements between Cuban and Mexican sugar mills.

A new cooperation agreement between Cuban and Mexican sectors of sugarcane industry and agriculture were signed last July in Havana, during the second meeting of ATAC with colleagues from ATAM.

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