Cuban Solidarity Organization Expresses Condolences to ASDR

Featured Cuban Solidarity Organization Expresses Condolences to ASDR

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples of the World (ICAP) today expressed their condolences for the death of the President of the Arab Sahrawi Democratic Republic (ASDR) and Secretary-General of the Frente Polisario, Mohamed Abdelaziz. "Cuba knew about this great fighter, who always supported us and took the battles of Cuba as his own battles," said the message to the Saharan people, signed by the President of the ICAP, Kenya Serrano.

According to the text, during Abdelaziz' last visit to the island, in 2014, he reaffirmed the historical relationship of friendship with Cuba, and the Cuban President Raúl Castro Ruz reiterated his solidarity and support for the cause of the ASDR.

"With deep regret we received the sad news of his death," added the message that qualifies the POLISARIO Front Secretary-General's as an example of political leadership and a symbol of resistance for an entire people in their fight for self-determination.

"This is no doubt a painful loss, since he was one of the most dedicated politicians in the struggle for the self-determination of his people, a people that will continue his example for a future of peace for the children of their homeland.

"The brothers of the ASRD have been sent our heartfelt condolences, we also send our condolences to his wife, children, relatives and friends who had the privilege to accompany him in his struggle and who will pass on his legacy to posterity," concluded the note issued by the ICAP.

Tuesday, ASDR Ambassador to Havana, Malainine Etkana, confirmed the death of Abdelaziz, due to lung disease.

Because of his death, the Cuban State Council has decreed an period of official mourning from 06:00 local time on Wednesday, to 12:00 on June 2nd.

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