Cuba Defends Decent Work for Sustainable Development

Featured Cuba Defends Decent Work for Sustainable Development

Cuba has defended decent work as a means and an objective to attain sustainable development, placing the human being as the center of this purpose.

National efforts for development should be supported by enabling an international economic environment, said Rodolfo Parra, the Cuban delegate at the 105th International Labor Conference being held in Geneva.

For employers, the recognition of the role of business in creating and improving employment and wealth is relevant. Investment and innovation are key factors for the economic growth, productivity and sustainable development, Parra stressed.

“We call on governments to act with greater responsibility to improve the socio-economic environment and help businesses development, especially in the areas of education and health,” he said.

The Cuban delegate stated that his country is focused on the 2030 strategic projection, through broad social dialogue. “The development projection is being hampered by the economic blockade imposed by the U.S. government,” he added.

"As part of this process, a broad discussion is being carried out as part of the study and consultation of the two major program documents. They are the framework within which we will comply with the national goals of the 2030 Agenda," he said.

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