Pastors for Peace Arrive in Mexico on Their Way to Cuba

Featured Pastors for Peace Arrive in Mexico on Their Way to Cuba

The 27th caravan of Pastors for Peace arrived today in Mexico in transit for Cuba and is composed of people from several cities in the United States that will today hold an ecumenical political rally, the Ecclesiastic Observatory has reported. In their transition through Mexico,they will carry out different activities then continue on their trip to the Caribbean island.

The caravan members consider it necessary to eliminate the Cuban blockade and close the military base in Guantanamo, in the Cuban eastern region,as well as to return to the Cuban Government the territory,occupied for more than one century by the United States.

Gabriela Juarez, head of the Ecclesiastic Observatory recalled that one year ago, Cuba and the United States reopened their respective embassies in Havana and Washington, but she highlighted that the new diplomatic relationship has not been egalitarian and more progress was necessary.

She detailed that the caravan departed on July 13th from the United States and that some of its members arrived in Mexico yesterday, where they are staying until the end of July, when they will depart for Cuba.

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