Bus Driver Responsible for Accident that Killed 7, Injured 33 in Cuba

Authorities of the Cuban eastern province of Guantanamo held the driver of the bus responsible for the accident that killed seven passengers, including four foreigners, and injured 33 last Thursday.

Following relevant investigation, experts from the Ministry of Interior concluded the driver violated transit laws, and was speeding along a wet road on a rainy day when he should have slowed down, and was not paying attention to traffic signals nor taking extreme caution.

On Thursday, January 10, at 16:10 local time in a place known as Loma de Herradura, some 980 kilometers east of Havana, the driver of a Yutong inter-provincial bus belonging to Viazul Transport Company, lost control of the vehicle that skidded off the road.

Three Cubans and four foreigners (two Argentineans, one French and a German) lost their lives. Besides, another 33 passengers got wounded.

  • Published in Cuba
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