Colombia & FARC Guerrillas Announce Key Peace Agreement

Colombia’s FARC guerrillas will have 60 days in which to hand in their weapons after the signing of a definitive peace agreement between Bogota and the rebels, the two parties announced Wednesday in Havana, where the peace talks are being held

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Colombia's President Traveling to Cuba to Promote Peace

BOGOTA, Colombia — Declaring that "peace is near," Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced a surprise trip Wednesday to Cuba for a key meeting with government negotiators and the rebels' top military commander as he seeks to wrap up talks to end the country's long-running conflict.

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U.S.-Pope Francis: Complain of the Cuban "Dissidence?"

The New Herald published this Tuesday about the despite prevailing among them due to the successful visit of the Supreme Pontiff to Cuba.

Two New Herald journalists, Nora Gamez Torres and Sergio N. Candido, interviewed one of his spokesmen.

Named José Daniel Ferrer who first said that Pope Francis in his masses in Havana, Holguin, and Santiago de Cuba "sent reconciliation messages and of families reunion."  

But on the following paragraph he "requested a stronger support to the work of the Church in Cuba."

According to Gamez and Candido their dissident affirmed that what the Pope said in Cuba won't transcend with a positive impact - and on the long run - in the life of Cubans."

That logic would include, as they had previously admitted, his urge to reconciliation, and union among the Cuban families.

But they overlooked that blatant contradiction, because they also affirmed with seething hatred:

"This Pope has been excessively warm, ambiguous, not very straightforward in the best moments... his visit will be forgotten, it will soon fade away ", said Ferrer.

They added that there were several detentions in Havana, Holguin, and Santiago de Cuba by law enforcement agents "to prevent them from getting close to the Holy Father."

A true interesting fact, even more so after different television channels, national and foreign, showed the constant bond of the Pope with representatives from the crowds who attended his masses in the three Cuban cities.

The dissident kept spilling poison when he declared to the New Herald journalists that he reacted like that because of the indifference of the Church on the face of those supposed violations.

But also because of the Pope's opening speech in Havana where he was seen "so affectionate with the dictator."

Then Ferrer meeting instructions received in Miami launched vulgar attacks against Fidel Castro.

He even manifested that the Cuban leader is "the clearest reincarnation of the devil as described by the Bible."


Hence the representative of the psychos from Miami in his dialogue with the Herald lost all view that he is not acting like a good Christian when blaspheming like that.

He also admits to have sent a message to the head of the Catholic Church regarding the supposed human rights violation in the island.

How did he do it? Carrying out taunting actions, - he says shamelessly - to get the attention of international media.

He clarified, they had to extend their plot to Santiago de Cuba struggling to make themselves noticed before Pope Francis, but that was prevented by the massive "detention of dissident."

Gamez and Candido asked the former president of the National Assembly of Cuba, Ricardo Alarcón why the Pope didn't meet with the dissidents.

This was his answer:

“I believe the Pope is a very busy man to be wasting time with people and unimportant matters."

But Ferrer didn't end there the errand from the Miami far-right of Cuban origin.

He said to believe that, in contrast with his visit to Cuba, the Pope will send a much more criticizing message in the United States, where he will speak in the Capitol and the UN, and he will visit a penitentiary.

In Cuba, said Ferrer, his poor speech must have been due to the fear of an arrogant régime, now in United States his speech will be much more energetic pointing out things he didn't mention in Cuba.

It’s curious that it’s the remains of the far-right of Cuban origin lingering in Miami who admit and foretell an eventual and very interesting comparison between their powerful society and the Cuban society.

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Pope Francis Celebrates Holy Mass in Santiago de Cuba

Pope Francis, Missionary of Mercy who’s currently visiting Cuba as part of his tenth international trip, celebrated this Tuesday morning the Holy Mass at the Basilica Menor de Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre, in Santiago de Cuba, where he arrived yesterday night from the city of Holguin.

The mass was attended by Cuban President Raul Castro, who was also present in the two previous masses held by the Bishop of Rome in the cities of Havana and Holguin.

Leaders of local government, the party, the Catholic Church, and other religious representatives also attended the liturgical ceremony, along with Catholics from several Cuban provinces and from other countries.

After concluding the mass, it’s expected that His Holiness Pope Francis will visit Santiago de Cuba Cathedral, and will hold a meeting with several Cuban families in line with his deep concern about the decisive role of the family in the strengthening of spirituality and values in children and young people.

According to the scheduled apostolic program, Pope Francis will then bless the city of Santiago de Cuba, and will leave for the local Antonio Maceo International Airport, where the farewell ceremony will take place.

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Pope Francis visit eastern city of Holguin

Pope Francis has landed in the eastern city of Holguin, the second stop on a tour of Cuba ahead of a visit to the United States.

Francis left Havana shortly after 8 a.m. Singing children and a small crowd waving Cuban and Vatican flags greeted Francis in Holguin.

Some cried out "Francis! Holguin is with you!" from the tarmac as the pope emerged from an Alitalia plane.

The pope is scheduled to celebrate Mass in the city's Revolution and visit La Loma de la Cruz, a cross and lookout point above Cuba's third-largest city. Then he'll head to Santiago for a visit to the shrine of Cuba's patron saint in the nearly town of Cobre.

Thousands have gathered in Holguin's plaza for Monday's papal Mass.

Idael Confesor Martinez Leyva, 58, wore a straw hat topped with Cuban and Vatican flags as she entered the plaza. She said the pope "is going to transform the world and bring us what we need most, especially the young people."

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Pope Francis thanks Cuba for role in Colombian peace process

Pope Francis thanked Cuba for its contribution as a mediator in the peace talks between the Colombian government and the guerrilla FARC-EP, during the Mass he officiated this Sunday at the Havana´s Revolution Square.

His Holiness said it was his duty to direct his thoughts towards Colombia, since the South American country is living a moment of paramount importance, when Colombians are trying to live in peace after decades of armed conflict.

Francis said he trusts there is a solution to what he defined as a long night of pain and violence in Colombia.

He prayed for justice to be present in this process, along fraternity and honor, for peace to be lasting in Colombia, and thanked President Juan Manuel Santos for his support to the talks.

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Pope Francis Message to Cubans

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Only a few days are left before my visit to Cuba. Therefore, I wish to send you a fraternal greeting before we meet personally.

I will be visiting you to share our faith and hope, so that we strengthen ourselves mutually in the following of Jesus. It makes me feel good and helps me a lot to think about your fidelity to the Lord, the courage with which you face the difficulties of every day, the love with which you help and support one and other in this journey of life. Thank you for this very valuable testimony.

For my part, I would like to transmit a very simple message to you, which I think it is important and necessary. Jesus loves you very much; Jesus truly loves you. He always bears you in his heart. He knows better than anyone what each one needs, what he longs for, what his most profound desire is, how one's heart is. And He never abandons us and, when we do not behave as He hopes, he always remains at our side ready to receive us, to comfort us, to give us new hope, a new opportunity, a new life. He never leaves us; He is always there.

I know that you are preparing for this visit with prayer. I am eternally grateful for it. We need to pray. We need prayer, that contact with Jesus and Mary, and it makes me very happy that, following the advice of my Brother Bishops of Cuba, you are repeating many times a day that prayer which we learned as children: “Sacred Heart of Jesus, make my heart like unto thine”. It is lovely to have a heart like Jesus, to be able to love as He does, to forgive, to give hope, to support.

I want to be among you as a missionary of mercy, of God’s tenderness, but allow me also to encourage you to be missionaries of the infinite love of God. May no one be lacking the witness of our faith, of our love. May everyone know that God always forgives, that God is always at our side, that God loves us.

I am also going to visit the Shrine of the Virgin of Cobre as just another pilgrim, as a son who wants to reach his Mother’s home. I entrust this trip to Her and also entrust all Cubans to Her.

And, please, I ask you to pray for me. May Jesus bless you and may the Holy Virgin take care of you. Thank you.

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