Cubana Airlines Announces Cancelation of its Flights

Cubana Airlines announced on Thursday the cancellation of its flights starting on Friday in the following informative note.

Cubana Airlines’ national and international flights will be suspended On Friday September 8th, except those to Gerona, Mexico and Cancun taking into account the meteorological effects associated with Hurricane Irma in the center and eastern part of the country.

Information will be announced after the progressive reestablishment of the flights in correspondence with the normalization of the weather conditions in each destination.

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled could change their travel date to a later flight without penalties, once the necessary conditions are reestablished and are subject to availability offered by the airlines or full reimbursement in the Sales Offices for a period of 15 working days.

Cubana Airlines apologizes for any discomfort this might cause. (ACN)



  • Published in Cuba
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