US violated international law over Russian diplomatic missions, Moscow tells Washington

Washington has violated international law with respect to Russian diplomatic missions in the US, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a protest note filed to DC.


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The ministry expressed “protest at the continued violation of international law by the US with regard to” Russian diplomatic missions and consulates in the US, according to a statement on its website.

The complaint concerns Russian diplomatic properties in Washington DC, San Francisco, and Seattle, as well as in the states of Maryland and New York.Moscow said that the “negative consequences” undermine not only US-Russian relations, but also “the principles of the sovereignty of states and international cooperation.”

Moscow said that it has a right to take “additional countermeasures” against US diplomatic property on Russian soil if the US “continues violations” against its facilities.

In a separate statement, also released on Friday, the Foreign Ministry  urged the UN Secretary-General to look into the matter.The relevant letter to Antonio Guterres was sent on May 18, the ministry said.

The diplomatic spat between Moscow and Washington dates back to December 2016, when on New Year’s Eve, the outgoing Obama administration expelled Russian diplomats and closed two Russian diplomatic compounds in New York and Maryland.

Russia did not immediately retaliate as the new Trump administration was taking office. However, the downward trend in US-Russia ties persisted and, in the summer of 2017, Washington slapped a new round of sanctions on Moscow, which retaliated by ordering the US diplomatic mission to downsize.

In response, the US took new hostile action, shutting the Russian Consulate-General in San Francisco, as well as the country’s trade missions in Washington and New York.

In May this year, US authorities removed the Russian flag from the diplomatic compound in Seattle. The Russian embassy condemned this “unacceptable treatment” of the national symbol.

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Cuba is not alone

The audacity of the people of Cuba to defend a system of Government in humanism and social justice promotes increasingly admiration worldwide for his people and the resistance against the aggression of the United States.

Proof of this is the arrival on the island, 50 years of social activists from around the world to demonstrate its recognition to the Cubans in the preservation of the revolutionary project chosen 1st of January 1959, even with the economic pressures and policies of its neighbor to the North.

In July, members of the Jose Marti European brigade of solidarity with Cuba was called to promote and increase activism in favor of the island and Latin America International, as the siege of Washington has increased in modern times.

The young Italian journalist Niccola Matellini, one of the 90 members of the Organization, considered in statements to Prensa Latina that the realization of brigades like the José Martí help convey information about visited sites, in this case Cuba.

However, he insisted on the need for increasing activism and the dissemination of the work to strengthen support for the resistance of the Cuban people in the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States for almost 60 years.

Edna Martínez, Colombian resident in Germany, said that with the invisibilization of truth, right aims to establish the idea that any attempt to change towards a less unequal society is doomed to failure.

Therefore, he said that show the experiences of Cuba, the revolution and socialism is a great way to expand the horizon of what is happening on the planet.

As usual, the activists from Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Russia, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden and Belgium joined the social dynamics, marched through economic, social, and historical sites, They labored in agriculture and shared with the people in neighborhoods and communities.

Similar program had at the beginning of August the 25th Brigade Latin American and Caribbean solidarity with Cuba, whose members joined the celebrations of the people by the anniversary 92 of the birth of the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, architect of the struggles by the defence of the sovereignty and independence of the country.

To receive them in the Julio Antonio Mella international camp, located in the town of Caimito, in the Western Province of ARTEMIS, the Vice President of the Cuban Institute of friendship with the peoples (ICAP), Jose Prieto Cintado, highlighted the support of those social fighters to fight the American siege of Cubans.

The leader of the ICAP argued that also support the claim of Cuba for the return of the territory illegally occupied the northern country with the naval base in the Eastern Province of Guantanamo.

Cintado highlighted the efforts of the brigades to disseminate the truth about the greater of the Antilles in their countries, where large transnational of the communication, in the service of the right, are trying to tarnish the project humanistic meaning the Cuban revolution.

Irina Bisceglia, Argentinean 31 years of age, the Cuban Government project is a conquest at the level of evolution of society, and worthy example of how a life can be achieved with the participation of a State which represents human rights and other important issues for the citizens.

Therefore, in his opinion, reaching Cuba is an opportunity to secure convictions and ideals, and return to their country now facing a complex political and economic crisis.

Chilean activist Leyla Cárdenas said here that the island represents the certainty that it is possible a world fair, equitable, sustainable and focused on the well-being of men, away from the selfishness that ponders the capitalism.

Cardenas, who belongs in Chile to the collective in solidarity with Cuba-Venezuela-Salvador Allende, highlighted the example that mean the social achievements of the largest of the Antilles, in the midst of an economic war.

Similarly, confirmed that it grows in Chile the admiration for the island for his unwavering struggle in achieving development and in defense of the majorities, so highlighted, many of his countrymen believe, dream and love Cuba, even not knowing it.

Meanwhile, the Dominican Pablo Castillo praised the courage, dignity and ethics of Cubans in Imaging and defense of a fairer society, and stated that those values are the standard that will enable them to reach their goal of the development of a prosperous country equitable and sustainable.

"Cubans, constantly besieged by American imperialism, reflect the courage and perseverance of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and the heroes who fought for the independence of the nation," he said.

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U.S.-Democracy: How does it work?

Nathan Larson is a self-confessed pedophile and white supremacist. And he’s currently running for Congress in Virginia.

Once again facts show how political system works in the United States. Last Tuesday, some sources described it unquestionably.

For example, ahead of the next primary elections that take place in eight states of the country, where the candidates of both parties, as well as alleged independent ones, will be nominated.

A candidate who calls himself independent, Nathan Larson, during an interview with Huffington Post daily said:

“A lot of people are tired of political correctness and being restricted by it. People prefer an outsider who has nothing to lose and is willing to say what’s on a lot of people’s minds.”

Larson, 37, is running for a congressional seat in Virginia.

Ten years ago, he ran for the House of Delegates but failed, and later he was sent to jail in 2009 for threatening to kill the then President Barack Obama.

However, this was not his biggest sin, he, father of a daughter, admitted before the press that he was the main responsible of several events via the Internet geared at advising pedophiles.  

According to the sources, the Virginia congressional candidate considers that the word pedophile is “a tag”, plays down importance to violence and dares to defend the authority of a man to beat his wife.

Another example is that of Don Blankenship, independent too, who is getting into politics now, after serving a year in prison for the death of 29 workers in 2010, because of the explosion of a coal mine, owned by the company that he managed.

Blakenship, self-defined “more Trumpist than Trump”, rejects to have a low profile while running for US Senate from West Virginia and seeks fame with statements that have been deemed disrespectful and even racist.

This controversial candidate, 68, dismissed his interest for joining the Republican Party, when he showed an electoral video accusing Mitch McConnell, its majority leader, of being a cocaine addict and benefiting himself from the money of the “Chinese family” of his wife, Elaine Chao.

Add to this scenario, Rep. Patrick Little, who previously complained of being expelled from the convention of his party held in San Diego (California) for rejecting to “serve the leadership of Israel.”

Little is self-defined as a “defender of white people”, although his possibilities for success are scarce.

This is a tight synthesis on the world of politics in the United States, country that its propaganda sells as the most democratic country on Earth,

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

Gospel Star Edwin Hawkins Dies, Aged 74

Los Ángeles, Jan 16 (Prensa Latina)The North American gospel music star Edwin Hawkins has died at his home in California, at the age of 74.
The Grammy-winning singer had been suffering from pancreatic cancer, his publicist said.

Hawkins was regarded as a pioneer of urban gospel music, blending gospel hymns with secular sound. He is best-known for the 1969 hit Oh Happy Day.

The following year the Edwin Hawkins Singers backed Melanie on her top 10 hit Lay Down (Candles in the Rain).

How Hawkins got his big break

Edwin Hawkins came from a musical family. His father played the Hawaiian steel guitar while his mother was a pianist.

It was while Edwin was studying interior design in the late 60s that he unexpectedly got his big break.

He co-founded the Northern California State Youth Choir. Their first album merged gospel and rhythm-and-blues, and included Oh Happy Day.

The catchy song caught the ear of a local DJ and became hugely popular on local radio. It was released as a single, became a crossover hit, sold seven million copies and changed the young musician's life.

The track went on to win a Grammy for best soul gospel performance and was covered by everyone from Aretha Franklin to Elvis Presley.

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US Ambassador To Panama Says He Cannot Serve Trump, Resigns

The ambassador declared the end of his 35-year career with the US government effective March 9.

The United States´ Panamanian Ambassador John D. Feeley announced his resignation Thursday, saying he could not serve under president Donald Trump.

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"As a junior foreign service officer, I signed an oath to serve faithfully the president and his administration in an apolitical fashion, even when I might not agree with certain policies. My instructors made clear that if I believed I could not do that, I would be honor bound to resign. That time has come," Feeley said.

In an open letter published on the embassy's website, addressed to the Central American president, Juan Carlos Verla and Vice President Isabel Saint Malo, the ambassador declared the end of his career with the US government effective March 9.

Throughout his 35 years in both the nation’s Marines and Department of State, the ambassador dedicated his efforts to supporting integration and maintaining good relations between the Americas. According to the letter, the US ambassador leaves his position with a feeling of immense gratitude to the foreign government and the citizens of Panama who shared a relationship of mutual friendship, respect and teamwork.

Feeley’s duties with the Panamanian government will be assumed by Deputy Chief of Mission, Roxanne Cabral, until a suitable replacement can be found.


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US Rewards Allies in Jerusalem Decision with Special Party

Only seven countries voted in line with Washington's interests: Togo, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands, Guatemala and Honduras.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley announced Tuesday that Washington will organize a reception “for the countries who chose not to oppose the U.S. position.” 

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Haley was referring to a vote on a U.N. resolution to condemn the U.S. unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

East Jerusalem was illegally annexed by Israel after the 1967 war. Before U.S. President Donald Trump's declaration, Israel stood alone in claiming sovereignty over it. The eastern part of Jerusalem remains mostly inhabited by Palestinians who face house demolitions and evictions as part of Israel’s attempt to control the city.  

The U.S. unilateral recognition sparked waves of protests across Palestinian territory that have resulted in the deaths of at least 12 Palestinians and more than 600 arrests and detentions. The move also sparked condemnation of world leaders across continents as most viewed Washington's move as the end of a two-state solution. For decades, East Jerusalem was seen as the future capital of a Palestinian state.

Before the Jerusalem vote took place, Trump said the U.S. will not continue to give “hundreds of billions of dollars” to countries who voted against the U.S., adding “let them vote against us ... We’ll save a lot.”

In spite of Trump’s comments, only seven countries — other than Israel and the U.S. — voted in line with Washington's interests: Togo, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands, Guatemala and Honduras.

After the vote, Haley said the United States "will remember this day” and threatened the U.N., vowing to “remember it (the vote) when we are called upon to once again make the world’s largest contribution to the United Nations.”

The “exclusive” invitation includes countries that chose to abstain from the vote, among them Mexico, Argentina, Canada and Australia.

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Cubans will be able to send SMS to the United States

The Telecommunications Company of Cuba, S.A., ETECSA, announced that, from December 8, 2017, from any mobile phone in Cuba, it will be possible to send international messages (SMS) to any mobile phone in the United States.

Until today, the United States was the only country Cubans were not able to send the SMS, though they could make phone calls both to cell phones and landlines. The cost of this service will be 0.60 CUC, similar to the rest of the international destinations.

For the sending of text messaging to the United States, the user must, at the time of entering the telephone number, dial, the "+" sign, the United States code, 1, the locality code and the cellular number.

The US area codes can be found in the Yellow Pages of the Cuba Telephone Directory

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Donald Trump: His new risky setback

Miami Diario website informed on Tuesday that a federal judge decided to override President Trump’s order to deny funds for “sanctuary cities.”

The judge, William Orrick, of the San Francisco Courtroom in California, who temporarily blocked the executive order deemed as unconstitutional.

Orrick said the head of state cannot impose new conditions to funds previously approved by US Congress.

The Department of Justice of that country issued a communiqué, where it stated that “Orrick exceeded his authority” by blocking Trump’s order.

Therefore, it appealed the ruling before the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court headquartered in San Francisco, court below the Supreme Court.

That order was issued during Donald Trump’s first week in the White House geared at stopping the migratory flow.

What are “sanctuary cities”?

They are those cities that treat immigrants with fewer rigors, that is, cities that limit just how much local law enforcement officials comply with federal immigration authorities.

Those places are under the scrutiny of the government and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has dedicated substantial efforts to eliminate them.

Among the cities with those characteristics are for example: Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, administered by the Democratic Party.

It’s timely to recall that the said executive order establishes the reduction of the federal budget for those cities, in case they reject to pursue and arrest the immigrants.

Under it, Trump approves that local authorities act as immigration officers up to the maximum range allowed by the law.

In United States there are more than 300 sanctuary cities that somehow protect the illegal aliens who live there.

Then, as El País daily drew attention in its European edition last April, now it is the fourth time in which this executive order is blocked in the courts.

In other words, a huge setback for both President Donald Trump and his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Dangerous road that could lead the head of state to a juncture with an almost impossible exit.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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