Cuban Pianist Marcos Madrigal to Debut in China

Featured Cuban Pianist Marcos Madrigal to Debut in China

Cuban pianist Marcos Madrigal will perform for the first time in China, at the 7th International Piano Festival held at the Qintai Concert Hall in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province.

Madrigal will play today and tomorrow with the Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra, led by James P. Liu.

Today, the young Cuban pianist and the Chinese ensemble will perform Rapsody in Blue, created in 1924 by the U.S. composer George Gershwin for piano and jazz band, combining elements of classical music with jazz influence. While tomorrow they will play a Piano Concerto in Fa, another work considered, along with the previous one, a musical masterpiece of piano of the 20th Century and epicenter of the musical production of Gershwin.

The Qintai Concert Hall is one of the concert venues with the best acoustics in Asia, so it is no coincidence that it hosts the International Piano Festival, one of the main events of that instrument organized in China.

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