Great concert dedicated to Che will be performed for the first time in Havana

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Featured Great concert dedicated to Che will be performed for the first time in Havana

Besides being a historical idol, icon for millions of people, and a symbolic revolutionary, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna is already a cultural symbol and source of inspiration for artists all over the world. One of them, Italian composer and orchestra director Berardo Mariani will premiere on Saturday his concert dedicated to the famous Argentine guerilla man at the Grand Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso.

“The premiere has to take place in Cuba, which is the country Che emerged as revolutionary —stated Mariani while enjoying a break in the general rehearsal. In a world damaged by so many wars, Che’s example is like a guideline for many people. His ideals of dignity are more alive than ever before. That is why I composed this piece of music.”

He spent more than one year with his composition, conceived for sopranos, reciters, chorus, and the symphony orchestra. He was backed by the Cuban embassy in Italy, the Ministry of Culture of Cuba, and the Che Guevara Study Center. The Amadeo Roldan Conservatory Youth Orchestra and Cuba’s Opera Theater choir joined forces and add efforts, as well as one of its leading figures: soprano Milagros de los Angeles. Actor Ivan Balmaseda will take over the talking parts.

Che is a concert divided in eleven parts and uses fragments written by Che himself and Jose Marti. Moreover, poems of renowned Cuban poets will be recited. The musical score travels from epic moments to others emotionally charged. The goal is to portray the more human side of the international fighter.

“It is about portraying his love for mankind and his permanent thirst for justice. It is a very intimate Che, a close one —said Italian producer Massimo Napoli, one of the organizer of the concert. We wanted to pay homage to him in the 50th anniversary of his death in Bolivia.”

The performance will be also dedicated to the memory of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, former Che Guevara’s companion-in-arms.

The phrase “People may die, but their ideas do not” heads the concert. This is the thesis of the composer: Che Guevara’s ideas will never be obsolete.

The performance will take place on Saturday, 20:30, by invitation only. But on Sunday, 17:00, it will be open to the public.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz // CubaSi Translation Staff

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