Contemporary Dance of Cuba: Two Islands, a Single Drive

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Featured Contemporary Dance of Cuba: Two Islands, a Single Drive

Fleur Darkin, one of the most interesting figures in the new wave of British choreographic, will premiere a play with the Contemporary Dance of Cuba.  

In the stages of the Contemporary Dance of Cuba (CDC) work is unstoppable. The company is one of the main laboratories of Cuban arts: every year important present-day choreographers go through this venue nurturing and getting nurtured of a cast of “all-terrain” dancers. That is the case of the British Fleur Darkin which as part of the program Creative Islands, arrived in Havana a few months ago with the intention of preparing a show. And right now, about to run it for the first time, is still awed by the quality of the performers.  

"Not every day one has the chance to work with so professional dancers - comments a few minutes before the beginning of the rehearsal. They can dance everything and they dance it very well. It’s interesting the way in which they approach new rules. It has been a very rich work that has taught me a lot."  

What Darkin says is very much alike to what choreographers who have worked with Contemporary Dance of Cuba have said, as part of this collaboration project the company has developed with the British Council for three years.  

It’s all about spreading more bridges between two distant and very different islands, but in the field of choreographic creation and dance in general share a history of some time already.  

Darkin run by the Scottish Dance Theatre has enriched the CDC repertoire now with Equilux, a work in which the creativity of dancers is essential.  

"It has shown us new paths – assures dancer Andrés Ascanio -, another way to using the body and channel our impulses. In the end we are ourselves, with another way of saying."  

For another of the performers, Thais Suárez, one of the good fortunes of belonging to Contemporary Dance of Cuba is to be able to interact with so many choreographers, of dissimilar origins and styles. "I loved the assembly process, to get adapted little by little to another vision of dance."  

Equilux will be premiered at Mella Theater between Friday 10th and on Sunday November 12th. According to Miguel Iglesias, director of CDC, this is one of the best scenarios for the dance in Cuba. Although the theater has needed some repair for a while, the technicians of the company work hard to have everything ready in time. It’s a theater they know perfectly.  

The program will be completed with the replay of Coil, the most recent work of the Cuban Julio Cesar Iglesias for the group, premiered last summer in July.  

After the season in Havana, Contemporary Dance of Cuba will travel to one of its strong scenarios, Mexico, since by the end of the month they will perform at the National Auditory Carmina Burana, with choreography of George Cespedes, one of their most awarded shows in the last years.

Amilkal Labañino Valdés / Cubasi Translation Staff

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