CRITICAL ZONE: What’s the Culture impacting on our Communities?

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Featured CRITICAL ZONE: What’s the Culture impacting on our Communities?

The cultural policy of our nation is designed to impact on all communities. However, some places seem not to understand such fact.

Something must be clear: there are institutions in every municipality responsible for defining the cultural programs in towns, neighborhoods, and villages. These goals are perfectly set.

Who is responsible for the quality and variety of the artistic proposals of any given place? Well, the responsible are the Municipal Directions of Culture and the Cultural Houses in every municipality. It has been the main goal of the Ministry of Culture as part of the Cultural Policy of the Nation; the need to maintain those facilities all around the country.

Obviously, it should work. And it works in many places. There are other places where we know it does not work. It is true we do not have enough resources. But we cannot lack determination. And the ongoing work of several cultural houses shows there is potential not exploited in other places.

There are sensible and fervent people who may work effectively in the cultural programs of each community. Thus, we must not stand idle, waiting for “first-class artists sent from high levels in the Ministry” to guarantee the programs.         

We must find other ways. First-class artists will be never enough to satisfy all the needs in the communities.

There are lots of prestigious artists and bands that have joined this initiative. There are many examples: theater crusades touring Granma and Guantanamo every year; Camaguey Contemporary Ballet performances in remote communities; groups gathered in libraries and cultural houses organized by outstanding painters, singer-songwriters, and poets; the Cuba’s National Circus performing at the movie theater of some municipalities…

Culture for all, and all for the culture. These are the words in order.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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