Cuban Television Releases New Season of Bailando en Cuba

Featured Cuban Television Releases New Season of Bailando en Cuba

Cuban television premieres on Sunday the second season of Bailando en Cuba (Dancing in Cuba), a program with a high audience rating on the island, the production team announced today.

Produced by RTV Comercial, a company that sells all the products and services of Cuban radio and television, the program shows changes from the previous edition based on suggestions from the public and producers, stated its general director Manuel Ortega at a press conference.

'This season begins with the process of selecting couples, a request from the public, a new concept of image and the replacement of one of the presenters,' he explained.

Of the call for Bailando Cuba II, 16 couples will be chosen to compete throughout the 12 broadcasts on the screen every Sunday at 8:30 pm local time.

' Every program will deal with a different theme regarding a topic related to the national culture, for example the first broadcast reflects the relationship between Cuban music and dance with sports, although it is not a straitjacket, many things will happen on the stage ', Ortega told Prensa Latina.

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