Brazilian Producer Dedicates Film to Lula in Panamanian Film Festival

Featured Brazilian Producer Dedicates Film to Lula in Panamanian Film Festival

Brazilian producer Vania Catani dedicated the film 'O Filme De Minha Vida' (The movie of my life) to former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, because he made possible the dream of many poor people in Brazil, including her own.

During the presentation of the film produced by her own company, Catani said that without Lula's support for the film industry, 'O Filme De Minha Vida', included in the International Film Festival of Panama (IFF), would not have been made.

She expressed her sadness for the current events in Brazil referring to the unfair sentence against Lula, a feeling also shared by young actress Bruna Linzmeyer, the star of this film.

Catani told the Prensa Latina news agency that Curitiba has become a nest of fascism in Brazil, while 'all of us who love Lula are hurt.'

'There are many people who do not understand that they were manipulated by the whole process of the coup d'etat, which began with former President Dilma Rousseff and now achieved the final move of the game, seeking to wipe out Lula's chances to become president-elect ', she said.

Visibly hurt by the political situation in her country, Catani stated that Lula has been the most important President in the democratic history of Brazil, and also that he is prosecuted without evidence to prove the fact that he has committed crime.

'This shows that democracy is being killed in my country,' said Catani, who was born and lived part of her youth under the Brazilian military dictatorship.

'O Filme De Minha Vida' was included in the official selection of the 7th IFF along with 74 feature films to be screened at its varied venues until April 11th.

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