Cubans and North Americans Dance together in Washington

Featured Cubans and North Americans Dance together in Washington

The performances of Cuban artists at the Arts From Cuba Festival, which is taking place at the John F. Kennedy Center, in Washington, have been received with a lot of enthusiasm and joy by the large audience that has filled its installations these days.

Cubans and North Americans dance and enjoy together to the beat of “son”, salsa, bolero and other musical genres, sung and performed by outstanding soloists and bands that have performed in the biggest show of its kind in the United States, thus confirmed Alexis Triana, communication director of the Ministry of Culture.

The journalist and cultural promoter is part of the Cuban delegation that is made up of 400 artists from different manifestations, half of them living on the island and the rest settled in other countries and takes part at the event that kicked off on May 8 and will run until next June 3.

In his report from the US capital, Triana invites to see, listen to and feel the joy, with which Cubans and North Americans have welcomed each of the artistic performances of the representatives of the island, via live images, filmed at the John F. Kennedy Center.

The audience's presence is constant, he specifies, to the extent that there’s barely any space for the press. This party reminds me the chorus of a conga from Sancti Spiritus that says “You who told me that Yayabo would not go out anymore, Yayabo is in the street / with its last detail and its unrivalled rhythm / Ah, ah, ah, Yayabo has already left.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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