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Symphonic Concert Opens Art Festival in Cuba

Featured Symphonic Concert Opens Art Festival in Cuba
A concert by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Cuban University of Arts, with the Brazilian singer Fabiana Cozza as special guest, opens today in Havana the 9th Festival of the Arts organized by that institution.


The event will take place at 21:00 local time at Mella Theater, where the symphonic orchestra and the interpreter, already known in Cuba, will show their musical art.

The festival, considered one of the most important organized by this center of artistic education, will be held until June 17 in different halls of the Cuban capital with the participation of some 600 young local and foreign artists.

The program of the meeting includes visual arts exhibitions, staging, dance shows, audiovisuals, musical presentations, colloquia, workshops as well as the dismantling of creative processes.

The Art Festival is aimed at establishing a permanent dialogue between artistic manifestations and promoting the work of young creators.
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