CBS Chief Executive Sacked Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Featured CBS Chief Executive Sacked Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

More than a dozen complaints of sexual harassment and assault caused the removal of CBS television chain's president for 15 years, Leslie Moonves, press reports announced today.

Two articles in The New Yorker magazine, one in late July and the other on Sunday , have revealed Moonves' behavior for decades, according to the testimonies of the women affected.

One of the victims exposed the man forced her to have oral sex, and then pushed her violently against a wall, and others said that when they rejected her, they saw their professional careers slowed down.

In a statement sent to the publication, Moonves, 68, said the accusations were 'frightening and false.

'What's true is that I had consensual relationships with three of the women about 25 years ago before I came to CBS. And I've never used my position to hinder their advancement or careers,' he said.

He said the complaints are part of 'a concerted effort by others to destroy his name and reputation,' because, he added, 'everyone who knows me knows that the person described in the articles is not me.

Since the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's scandal broke last October, denounced for harassment, sexual assault or rape by nearly a hundred women, dozens of powerful men in show business, politics and communication were accused of similar behaviors.

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