Photo Exhibition on Cuba-Japan History Opens in Havana

Featured Photo Exhibition on Cuba-Japan History Opens in Havana

Havana, Nov 25 (Prensa Latina) The photo exhibition ''Japanese Scenery 120 Years Ago'', which deals about Japanese immigration in Cuba, opened at the House-Museum of Asia in Old Havana on Friday.

Izacura Naomi, curator of the exhibition, told Prensa Latina that the exhibition aims to call on Japanese residents in Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth) special municipality to recall the beginning of Japanese settlements on that island.

The exhibition displays handicraft images from Yokohama, in which 20th-century western and Japanese traditional techniques are combined.

These albumen-printed photos were recreated vividly with pigments brought from Japan and they were placed in luxurious albums made of mother-of-pearl and gold lacquer.

This cultural event, consisting of 42 pieces from the Japanese Chamber Industry Institute, will be open until December 23.

The first Japanese immigrants arrived in Cuba on September 9, 1898, with plans to establish a community, which came to have more than 1,000 immigrants. Visits by Japanese citizens have been reported since the 17th century.

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