Barbarito Diez Festival: In Defense of Popular Music

Featured Barbarito Diez Festival: In Defense of Popular Music

The theoretical event, the spectacles and the dance parties allow the approaching to very Cuban genres such as mambo and chachachá.
Paying tribute to Barbarito and extol the national dance, and other Cuban typical rhythms isthe goal of the festival's organizers.

José Ramón Artigas, National Television Award, and artistic director of the spectacles, says that it is everyone's commitment to defend the Cuban musical heritage, which it is possible, although it is difficult.


14th Barbarito Diez Festival of Popular Music

He adds that the fact that the children and young people of Manatí dance the danzón demonstrates that if it is possible, as well as it is necessary to tirelessly teach what has made us universal to the new generations.

He gives the example of the song "La flor pálida", famous on the voice of Marc Anthony, and the result of the creativity of Polo Montañez, which shows that we must gain a lot in terms of spreading the autochthonous of our culture.

The event is characterized for the exquisiteness in the conception of the spectacles, directed by Artigas himself, bringing together in perfect balance local artist as Sandra Orce and Marelis Escobar next to those from the capital of the country.


14th Barbarito Diez Festival of Popular Music

The occasional trio of Annie Garcés, Verónica Velázquez and Yoel Leyva in the interpretation of "Vereda Tropical" was milestone, a tribute to the Riverside Orchestra on its 80th anniversary and to the unforgettable Tito Gómez.

The Festival is also distinguished by delivering the Barbarito Diez Distinction. It was granted to the concert guitarist Felix Ramos, one of the tireless in preserving the rich musical legacy of the Island.

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