Game Of Thrones season 8: Could Sansa Stark survive the White Walkers?

Featured Game Of Thrones season 8: Could Sansa Stark survive the White Walkers?

Sansa Stark could survive the oncoming attack from White Walkers in Game Of Thrones season eight due to the fact she is pretty well protected.

The White Walkers are on their way to lay waste to Westeros, and one of the first stops in their path of destruction will be Winterfell, home of the Starks where Sansa, her sister Arya and brother Bran are holding down the fort.

With danger on its way the siblings’ lives are at risk, but one fan thinks Sansa is going to make it out alive thanks to the arsenal she has in her corner.

Reddit user MikeDonNumbers shared: ‘After everything she went through, who has a stronger network of support than Sansa? ‘She has Brienne sworn to protect her who is an absolute unit, Arya the faceless man, Jon who is one of the best fighters in the show now, the eyrie, knowledge from the 3 eyed raven, and the North who is loyal to the starks.

‘Not only that but she is not in a position such as Jon or Dany where she would have a target on her back or be at immediate risk.’

One fan agreed, adding that they could see Sansa taking the Iron Throne eventually. ‘I have been rewatching and am in the middle of season five.

I have been realizing that she is much more of a player in the game than I ever realized. Before she was just there. ‘And now I’m like shit if she applies all the lessons she has been taught she will be one heck of a potential ruler.’

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