Cuba Is Organizing a The Beatles Week

Featured Cuba Is Organizing a The Beatles Week

Havana, Jan 11 (Prensa Latina) The Cinematheque of Cuba is organizing a The Beatles Week as of January 16 with a varied program in homage to the legendary English band.

According to a statement from that entity, the inauguration will be on January 16 at Cine 23 y 12, in downtown Havana, where the institution has its headquarters, and will be extended to the Charlie Chaplin hall until the 20th.

The Week will make available to the public records, images and books related to the life and career of the successful group formed in the city of Liverpool and recognized as the most praised by critics in the history of rock music.

Its influence on popular culture remains remarkable despite its disintegration and the passage of time.

In Cuba, its musical memory is still valid and is noticeable in several cultural sites such as the Yellow Submarine night club, which has an avant-garde design fused with pop art concepts.

Also, there is a bronze sculpture in tribute to Lennon, founder of the band and its most iconic member.

The work is located in a park with that name, located on 17th and 6th streets in the capital city and is the result of the work of Cuban artist Jose Villa Soberon.

Every December 8, in remembrance of his death, concerts and cultural activities are held in his memory.

One of the most recent tributes was the one made in 2017 at the 50th anniversary of the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, one of the best and most sold in history.

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  • faith cohen
    faith cohen Thursday, 17 January 2019 09:28 Comment Link

    Dear Cuba,

    We at Global Beatles Day are thrilled that you are commemorating our day this year... But we are hoping that next year, it might be celebrated on June 25th- which is the actual date of Global Beatles Day. The reason that is the day is that on that day in June 1967, the Beatles performed "All you Need is Love" at the culmination of the very first global Satellite transmission. Global Beatles Day is a Global Holiday..... a universal holiday! We love that Cuba is celebrating!!!!!!! You can find much more info here at our website, I tried to find a website for Cinematheque of Cuba, but have not found one. If you could forward this info, we would appreciate it!

    Thank you and we will be celebrating with you!

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