Roger Waters Slams US, Shows Support For Manning And Assange

Featured Roger Waters Slams US, Shows Support For Manning And Assange

"We support you completely and we'll work unreservedly to get you released," Roger Waters told Assange and Manning.

British activist and Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters showed support on his social media accounts Saturday for WikiLeaks founder and freedom of press activist, Julian Assange, and for former United States Army intelligence analyst and Wikileaks whistleblower, Chelsea Manning.

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"Good news first," Waters said, reporting that protesters are holding "demonstrations and meetings in both London and in Melbourne, Australia in support of Julian Assange and his fight for liberty and against extradition." Waters asked his fans to go and show support for the Wikileaks founder.

Waters cheered another "successful" meeting organized by the Socialist Party in Assange's defense held in Sydney, Astralia last week which bought award-winning documentary film maker and journalist, John Pilger, to the stage as main speaker.

However, Assange's current situation is becoming more precarious as Ecuador and its President Lenin Moreno continue their negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The organization is notorious in Latin America for its role in the continent's economic crisis. Waters denounced the IMF's infiltration into regional politics and its close relationship to the United States.

"Obviously, the United States is trying to extradite Julian Assange and they're bringing on pressure to bear on the new, weak, very right-wing, malleable President of Ecuador by threatening to withhold an IMF loan to Ecuador and use that economic muscle to persuade him to renege upon their agreement to give Julian Assange Ecuadorian nationality, which meant that he could not be extradited, and to give him temporary asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London," the activist said.

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